Digital Room Service

Digital Room Service Solution


Digital Room Service solution for the Hotels of the future.

An all-in-one, Digital Room Service solution, combining your Restaurant’s Menu and an Interactive Points of Interest collection to increase your profits and keep your guests engaged. Our Digital Room Service solution will increase your Hotel’s room service orders by 18%[1], and customer spending by an additional 20%[2] per order.

Your Guests Will Love It

Why? Your customer base is increasingly more comfortable with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and they’ve come to expect convenience. There’s serious room for growth for hotels and restaurants that have never offered application-based (digital) food ordering.

  •  • 70% of consumers prefer to see a restaurant’s menu on their smartphone
  •  • No more mistakes when noting an order
  •  • Nearly 75% of people are used to ordering food on their smartphones
  •  • Increased transparency in pricing

Our Digital Room Service is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and all Laptops.

Our demo image below shows the landing page of our digital solution. You can see that we also provide a “Daily Recommendation” or “Chef’s Favorite” banner and an “Activities” menu, which will keep your guests engaged with the Room Service application. Guests can also see what allergens can be found in the foods you have on your menu, which provides them with confidence in their choices, driving sales even higher.

Based on your input, we will customize the design and functionality of your App. You’ll also receive high-quality, printed Room Service Greeting Cards with a QR code on each of them to properly introduce your Digital Room Service to your guests. For more information, Contact us today!