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Beyond Visual Property Sales Engine
Your one-stop 3D sales tool to present and sell new build properties online. It can be used on a touchscreen display, integrated into your branded website, or as exported digital content shared on social media.
Digital Room Service Solution
Our new Digital Room Service solution will increase your hotel's room service orders by up to 18%. Furthermore, guests spend an additional 20% per order when they use a mobile device... See more
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SpaceCrop AI Support Tool Dashboard
SpaceCrop forecasts soil water requirements and sends an irrigation schedule to farmers. Our tool comes with a web dashboard & mobile application to help farmers track their water use and increase crop resiliency.
Ongoing Project
Dealership Management Software
Dealership data management software, swap cars with other dealerships, manage contracts. Made in 2016, it was used for some time before being replaced by Poss-Car, our latest system for dealerships.
Private Project
Dealership Management Software
Data management software used in twelve dealerships across Hungary: store car and client details, sign, and print contracts. Currently being used to manage more than four thousand cars and contracts.
Private Project