Property Sales Engine

Property Sales Engine


Interactive 3D sales and marketing solution for property developers of the future.

An all-in-one sales and marketing solution combining an interactive 3D presentation and search engine to market new build properties at the pre-completion stage. View Online DEMO


  •  • Hungarian Innovation Award 2018

  •  • Nominated for Startup of the Year 2019

  •  • Selected in Top Real Estate Innovations 2019 & 2020

  •  • For innovative and widely adopted Proptech solutions by Unissu

Interactive Sales Engine can be used on a touchscreen display, integrated into your branded website, or as exported digital content shared on your social media platforms.

With the Beyond Visual Showroom there’s a possibility to connect with the flat straight away without actually taking the clients to the real estate. It’s more loveable and liveable like this. It’s an important part of the decision process. It has a very strong effect on conversion. Many people make positive decisions straight after or a few days after the presentation. - Ivan Tettemanti, Deputy Sales Director, Cordia Hungary Ltd.

PSE Showroom